My Hopes and Goals for the Summer Months Ahead

I thought I’d try a seasonal bucket list and goals post. As my readers will know I love planning and setting deadlines, so this is mostly an extension of that. If I didn’t have goals to work towards or stuff to do I’d probably spend the entire summer sitting on my butt doing nothing. So I have a super short, totally reachable bucket list and a goal list for the summer.

Summer Bucket List

My summer bucket list isn’t very long, mostly because I’m going to be busy, also because I couldn’t think of anything. In fact, it has four things on it:

1) Go to the beach with my best friend (She likes the beach and we live near so many)

2) Picnic in the park

3) Travel someplace exotic

4) See a concert

All of these involve spending time with my friends. I’m going off to university soon and leaving them so I want to spend time with them when I can. The last few months I’ve really tried to slow down and enjoy living with my family near all my friends. In two months I’ll live hours and hours away from them.

Summer Goals


I have more goals and they’re more involved so I’ll put a little more of a description with them than with the bucket list. I’m also going to split them up with into personal and professional goals because I have a few of each and it’s easier to split them.

Professional Goals

1) Finish writing All I Need Is Sunshine


I want to finish my WIP which is currently under the working title All I Need Is Sunshine. Frankly, I should have finished it months ago, I’ve just procrastinated so I’m setting a deadline. Should be able to get it done and quickly because it affects my next goal.

2) Edit All I Need Is Sunshine


I want to get through my personal edit of All I Need Is Sunshine before I start school. It just seems like a good time to have it done by. I want to start moving a little faster in my writing work (other than this blog) and this is one way I’m doing that.

3) Grow blog

I want to grow this blog to reach more people. I’m mostly doing it through social media. Feel free to help me out by sharing my posts if you like them. The buttons are at the bottom of every post. It would really help me out, and subscribe for future posts!

4) Finish a short story

I want to work on some short stories to send out to publishers so I’m going to do one this summer. I have something I already started and I might continue on that or do something new.

Personal Goals

1) Exercise 3 times a week (At least)

I want to focus more on my health. Especially as I’m going to be in university soon. One thing I really want to do is exercise regularly so I’m setting the bar low to start off. Three times a week is very doable for me so I better accomplish this goal.

2) Keep a daily journal

I want to start journaling my summer so I can look back at all the wonderful memories I hope to make. Just a couple lines a day for the memories.

3) Spend more time outside

This is again health related. I think I spend too much time inside so I’m going to try to spend more time outside. Possibly at the beach.

4) Read 10 books

High school reading took up all my reading time so I want to get back at reading for fun. My goal for the summer is 10 books. This will also benefit my writing skills so it’s both personal and professional.

5) Read a blog post a day

As a blogger, I want to read more blog posts because a lot of the content out there is really good and I want to support my fellow bloggers. I also want to read more in general, so this also goes towards that goal.

You may be wondering how I’m going to keep track of all this. I’m going to use my bullet journal as I always have it with me and will reflect on my progress in the fall. Follow me on Instagram to see me doing these things. I also want to know if you have any plans or goals so comment below.


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