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WordPress.com vs Blogger: The Ultimate Free Platform Showdown

Despite only having this blog for about five months, I have been blogging for over four years. Before I started The Write Mind Online in February, I had used Blogger for my previous three blogs. As I said in my post How To Avoid Blog Failure all of these previous blogs failed, if you want to know why and learn from my mistakes click on the link (It will open in another tab). But they did allow me to learn about how Blogger works. Choosing between Blogger and WordPress.com, two free platforms, can be difficult so I wanted to share the pros and cons of each.

Visual Components


WordPress.com comes out on top for customization. Mostly because it’s all in one place and is much easier to understand and to make a beautiful blog. WordPress.com also has more options for themes, even among the free themes section, that are more diverse. Most of Bloggers themes follow the same format.

Overall Look

I believe that wordpress.com looks more professional. This goes back to their themes. Many of WordPress.com’s themes look more like a website and Blogger looks more like a blog. This is because WordPress.com is also set up for website and Blogger is just for blogs.




Mostly the same stats are shown for both. The only difference is that Blogger shows you what browsers your readers use, which I don’t think is exactly important. I personally prefer WordPress.com’s stats because they have a better visual look which makes them easier to understand for me.

Traffic sources

This is one area where WordPress.com really come out ahead of Blogger. WordPress.com’s Reader function allows people to not only read blogs they follow but search and discover new blogs by topic or randomly. The closest Blogger gets is being able to randomly bring up a blog. You have no control over what you see meaning readers don’t really find your blog. You can pay to promote it but then it isn’t free anymore. It’s also much easier to share a WordPress.com blog post or blog than a Blogger post or blog on social media. Social Media is my number one source of traffic, with WordPress.com’s Reader coming in at number two. However, they are very close.


Blogger has a comments section that is easy to find. I believe that WordPress.com also has one but I have only found it once (If you know how to get to it, please comment below). You can read the comments on WordPress.com by going to the posts page and clicking on the comment button. WordPress.com also emails you when you get a comment which I like so I can respond.

Money Related Stuff



WordPress.com allows you to upgrade for more features. One feature you have without paying on Blogger is the ability to upload videos, this requires a paid plan with WordPress.com. With both, you can buy domains but with WordPress.com you also have to buy a plan. It’s better to use WordPress.org if you want to buy a domain because it has more perks, at some point, I’d like to do this. Buying a WordPress.com plan gives you other perks like SEO and other plugins to better your site.

Monetizing site

WordPress.com requires you to buy a plan for using Google Adsense where Blogger doesn’t.

Overall I think WordPress.com is better because it has greater reach and has more options for many different users. In my experience, I get more traffic on WordPress.com and will continue to use it. You might have noticed that I made sure to say .com, that’s because there is also a WordPress.org that is a paid platform. I would recommend doing research into paid platforms if that interests you. As for free platforms, Wordprss.com is great because it is convenient for blogger and readers.


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