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How to Motivate Yourself to Write

Last month I participated in Camp Nanowrimo. I decided to take part mainly for the community and for the structure. As I write all the time, I didn’t feel it was necessary to get me writing. The structure helped me realize that while I write almost every day, it is either focused on my blog posts or in a small quantity. Motivating myself, especially when working on an emotional scene, is tough. Here are a few things that get me writing.

1) Write in short bursts

I find this works really well for me and Nono helped remind me of it. Nano’s Word Sprints are timed writing sessions. They work well for me because I am forced to write without over thinking. You could also do this by writing 50 (or as many you want) words at a time, or make a play list and write during one song and then take a break on the next. I even write while incense burns occasionally.

2) Listen to podcasts about writing

Often when I can’t write it’s because I’m overthinking. Overthinking is for editing, not writing. To take my mind off it I listen to writing podcasts to help distract me. Podcasts are great because you learn new things and get ready to write. Podcasts put you in the mindset to write and inspire.

I just started listening to the podcast Writing Excuses and I would totally recommend them because they are only fifteen minutes which is the perfect length for short attention spans (like mine).

3) Watch authors on YouTube (or read their blogs)

Like the podcasts, you can learn and discover new writing techniques, but they also get you in the mood to write. And if you’re already procrastinating on YouTube (which I never do) you can do it by learning about your craft.

4) Completely unplug

On the complete other end of my last suggestion, step away from social media and other online distractions. Actually, limit all distractions. If you`re not writing because you get caught up with other things. Find a spot without many distractions, turn off your wifi, hide your phone, and write. Even step out of your house and go to the library or a cafe if you have to.

5) Take a break

Sometimes you’re just worn out. Unplug and do something for your personal wellness. Have a healthy snack, take a walk, shower, take a nap. The list of good things for yourself that you can do are almost endless. And here’s one that also helps with your writing career, read a book.


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