How Writing is My Mind on Paper

The following is a stream of consciousness post about what writing means to me and how I got started. I decided to do this topic after a few of my posts over the last few months were more personal and centered around self-reflection.

For the early years of my writing career, if you could call it that back then, I revered my writing as private. Over the last few years, I’ve become more confident and comfortable sharing my writing. This was because my writing was so personal (and also because it was terrible). It was a look into a part of my mind that was a secret garden.

I have said before that I started writing because I was bored. While this is true, writing has always served a different purpose to me. Writing is a coping mechanism. It’s a way I can clear my head and understand how I feel. When something goes wrong in my life or I feel depressed or anxious, I write. A good example of this is my impromptu think piece I published last month entitled Why Malls Give Me Anxiety.

Writing is the way I choose to express myself, it’s how I understand the world around me. When I feel powerless I put myself in a world where I have control. I can make my own safe space to feel better in. This was more present in my life during middle school where I was feeling very alone. It was also when I was starting to feel like something was different about me, as I talked about in my post Learning to Love Myself.

I have written little pieces whenever something changes in my life, like graduating high school. Or if I’ve been thinking about something a lot.

Over the years I’ve begun writing a lot of self-reflection pieces. I work self-reflection, not only into my blogs posts but also into my novels. Self-reflection can help clear your mind, it’s like meditation. The thing I like about writing a reflection instead of just meditating is that you have a physical copy that you can look back at, and reflect again. It shows you that you have had personal growth. It will also show you if you’re closer to the person you want to be. If you’re not closer to that point then you can make a change and move forwards.

It truth all forms of creative writing is by definition meditation on paper. Even fiction is a contemplation or reflection captured on paper.

My writing is truly my mind on paper. It is a representation of my thoughts, hopes, and fears. It has helped me through upheaval and identity loss. I encourage everyone to write. Journals, novels, poetry, anything that encourages self-reflection and self-expression.


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