Would/Should I go Vegan?

Over the last year I’ve been thinking, should I go vegan? Or even just vegetarian? There’s a lot of arguments for veganism and vegetarianism. It’s good for the environment, your health, the animals. The question of should I go vegan, or at least vegetarian, has an obvious answer, yes. I should do it, it’s good for everyone involved. But will I?

Before I really get into this I want to say that veganism and vegetarianism is not new to me and not foreign. My sister is vegetarian, my best friend is pescatarian, and my family was vegan for a brief period. I understand the diet and getting enough protein and vitamins. I also would have some very encouraging people if I did choose to go vegan or vegetarian.

One thing that could prevent me from going vegan/vegetarian is ease. As a university student on a meal plan, I would be given very few options. As I am now, a person who eats everything, I still have very few options. This does not mean my university doesn’t accommodate veganism and vegetarianism, it just means I like choice.

I also like taste. Animal products, such as cheese, lend flavours you just can’t get without really loading it up on chemicals. Now I know there are substitutes, but I don’t like them. I often find fake meat to be gross and would rather just have beans and rice.

I also travel a lot. To me, a big part of traveling is to get a taste of the traditional local cuisine. Even if it’s crickets. If I traveled I’d have to be more concerned about what I was eating. I have also learned from experience that not all places understand and have options for such diets.

Would I go vegan/vegetarian? Yes! Definitely! But not right now. As a person just moving into university, it’s a little too much to worry about. Instead, I’m going to make informed choices. I’m not going to eat a lot of meat products. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, as someone who’s lactose intolerant. I’m going to make healthy choices. I’ll revisit going vegetarian, or even vegan, when I’m living on my own and have a little more freedom of choice.

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