October Bucket List and Goals

At the beginning of July, I posted a list of goals and a bucket list for the summer because I wanted to make some short-term goals that were realistic to get done. Three months is a good amount of time so that things that need that time, or need planning can get down. It’s also good for forming habits. I really enjoyed my three months of goals and now that the time is over I thought I should recap and make new goals for fall (October, November and December for a full three months).


I split my goals up for the summer into two categories: professional and personal. I did equally as well in both of them however I did overshoot a little in my expectations on how much I could get done. In all, I had ten goals, many of which spanned the entire summer.

Professional Goals

1) Finish writing All I Need Is Sunshine

Starting off with a win here, I finished writing the first draft of my novel! I actually finished it on July 31 so only a month into my goal it was done. It was a pretty big project so it was a major win for me to get it done. It’s also a good thing I got it done since my second goal depended on finishing it.

2) Edit All I Need Is Sunshine

Sadly I only got started on this goal and didn’t get very far into it. This was partly due to unforeseen setback but mostly because of laziness. Either way, I’m going to be carrying this over into this month trying to get it finished.

3) Grow blog

Technically I also didn’t reach this goal because I started back from square one because of my blog. But I did have a growth in my blog traffic and finally got my own website. To me, this is even a bigger accomplishment because it gives my readers a greater experience if I have control over my content and how it is displayed on my blog. I have more freedom in the navigability of my blog and that is what really matters to me.

4) Finish a short story

I abandoned this goal. After about a month I realized I didn’t really want to write a short story or had any good ideas. I wanted to focus on my blog and novel so I put this aside so I could work more on what was important to me.

Personal Goals

1) Exercise 3 times a week (At least)

I did okay with this in July, I exercised at least twice each week and three times a week most of the time. In August and September, it didn’t go as well. This is in part because I only counted exercise as a thirty-minute uninterrupted workout so I didn’t count everything I did if it was intense enough. Also when moving into university my schedule was turned upside down and I could never get to the gym. Long story short I did not accomplish this goal.

2) Keep a daily journal

I decided the best way to do this was to keep a two lines a day journal in my bullet journal. As it turned out this went so well I expanded to four lines a day. I really like journaling and had a lot of fun with it. It was an easy way to end each day and I’m going to continue journaling throughout my year.

3) Spend more time outside

Another success! Despite my indoor job (and perhaps because of it), I ended up spending more time outside hiking, having campfires, swimming, etc. Even just sitting outside. This might have been because my job was inside a dark, cold building and I really wanted to spend time in the sun. It was also a really warm summer with very few rainy days so it was nice to go swimming at the end of a day.

4) Read 10 books

I read four books over the summer and have another four on the go. I overshot how much I could read and one of the books I was working on is very long and very complicated. I read it a lot over the summer and am still working on it. If you want to know the books I am reading check out my Litsy, I’m just getting started on it but I’m really enjoying it.

5) Read a blog post a day

Again I started out strong during the first half of the summer and then this went downhill a bit. But up until I moved out it was going well so I’m going to say this was a half win. I do want to keep this in my daily to-dos as it reminds me to check out something new and I really enjoy it.

Bucket List Recap

I did much better on my bucket list then with my goals. It was my last summer at home so I wanted to make it count and I didn’t have too many things on the list so that made it easy.

1) Go to the beach with my best friend (She likes the beach and we live near so many)

Done! I went to the beach with a group of my friends many times, this included my best friend. We ended up having a lot of fun.

2) Picnic in the park

Also done! I took my best friend, not to the park, but on a hike and had a picnic there.

3) Travel someplace exotic

This one didn’t end up happening as I couldn’t get away this summer. It was a bummer but I just didn’t have enough time to do it this summer.

4) See a concert

I actually got this one done first. It was an awesome Canada Day (July 1st) concert at my local hockey rink turned stage. Originally it was going to be outside but there was a weather concern. I got to see Ria Mae perform and it turned me into a huge fan, she was awesome, the concert was awesome, and I had the best Canada Day that I can remember.

Goals For October

Because I’m busier with school this quarter and I did get everything done that I had planned over the summer I’ve decided to only pick six goals this time. I’m not going to break them up into personal and professional as many fall into both for me. Many are for self-benefit and everyday life, some are career based, and others can both better me as a writer and as a person.

1) Eat breakfast every day

I now have the option of simply walking to meal hall and getting coffee and cereal, I’m going to take advantage of that for sure. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and up until now I haven’t eaten breakfast because it was a hassle in the mornings. Now that I have the time I want to start eating it every day so I can start off the day without getting hungry.

2) Take care of my body

This ties back into my previous goal over the summer of exercising three times a week. I’m going to continue to strive to do that by going running and I’ve also joined two sports clubs at university. I’m also going to start being conscious of what I eat and floss every night.

3) Read five books

I had aimed over the summer to read ten books and only got through four, so this fall I’m going to try for a little more and aim for five. We’ll see how I do with all my university reading on top of that.

4) Grow blog

I want to grow the new blog. It’s always one of my goals to make this blog successful and I can’t lie about it. This blog means a lot to me as a writer and to continue to have it thrive I’ll try to make the best content I can.

5) Write some poetry

This is more for me than for my career. I want to write some poetry because there’s nothing better than poetry for expressing emotions and doing a sort of feeling detox. There’s a collection I’ve been working on that I want to keep doing over the next few months.

6) Write some stand-up

This is again for me. I really love watching Netflix comedy specials and I thought I might write some stand up as a writing exercise. I don’t think I have the confidence to perform it but I’d still love to write some jokes about my life.

7) Edit All I Need Is Sunshine

This is one really important one to me. Ideally, I would get this done before the end of October so I can get started on something new in November for NaNoWriMo. I don’t think that’s realistic right now unless I start blocking out time every day to work on it. Right now that’s not happening but I may be able to work something out.

Bucket list

My bucket list is slightly longer this quarter. They’re just little things so I should be able to get them all done.

1) Drink a pumpkin spice latte

Technically I’ve already done this one but I’m willing to do it again. There’s nothing more fall-like than a PSL (plus I’m a sugar junkie).

2) Go to a university sports game

This is a good one since I have tickets to go see a university hockey game on the fourth. Plus I have an extra one to take a friend.

3) Bake a pumpkin pie

I love making pie, plus I want to try out a vegan pumpkin pie recipe I found online.

4) Watch hocus pocus

The other day while talking to a friend it came up that I had never watched Hocus Pocus and apparently that’s a travesty. So now I have plans closer to Halloween.

5) Drink apple cider

Apple cider is a real fall thing for me, I love the taste and it brings back some really good memories from my childhood.

That’s all thirteen things I want to do in the next three months. At the end I’ll be recapping how I did and making some new goals. If you want to see me doing these things, follow me on Instagram. And why not make some goals for yourself? Comment below one thing you want to do or get done in the next three months.

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