A Little Bit of Self-love

I realized as I was writing my about page and naming this blog that people put themselves down a lot when talking about themselves. Our humour, especially on the internet is becoming increasingly self-deprecating. We often focus on the negative. That’s why I wanted to do a ten awesome things about me post and encourage my readers to do the same. It’s important to remind yourself what you love about yourself.

1) I’m creative

This one’s a little obvious in some ways. I’m creative in not only my writing but also with drawing and other forms of art. I love creating things and keeping busy by working on creative projects. I find I often get bored easily and by keeping my hands busy with knitting or doodling I can help keep focused. My greatest creative outlet is, of course, my writing. With the blog and my fiction pieces and poetry, I never run out of creative things to throw my whole mind into. I brainstorm and am generally good at coming up with fun and interesting ideas for topics and stories.

2) I love learning

For me, learning is fun. I’m open-minded to new ideas and concepts I encounter. To me education has become more than just getting good grades and achieving a degree, to me it’s about expanding my knowledge and experience to be a more well-rounded person.

I also love learning new things about myself. Although not everything about me is always positive, I like expanding my self-knowledge. The more I know and understand about myself, the better I can care for myself and function. For example, I recently learned that I don’t, in fact, hate cereal. Sometimes I learn something positive that I’m excited about and embrace. Other times I learn about something I want to work on and improve about myself. This actually brings me to the next thing I love about myself:

3) I’m taking steps to better myself

There are some things in my life I want to change, and I’m working on changing them. I’ve starting to open up about some of these things and talking about them. I’m working on my mental and physical health. I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can in residence, to exercise, and to take care of my mental health by journaling and seeing a therapist. I’m confident

4) I’m confident

I have become a very confident person over the last six years. I think a big part of this was starting in retail when I was twelve. Working in retail forced me to talk to random strangers every day for six years. I had to communicate with not just with customers but also co-workers. Because I’m used to going up to people and talking with them, I can ask anyone in my life if they need help, or even to ask for help.

Aside from talking to other people, I am also confident with myself. I dance in public, I can talk about my interests, I’m sure of my choices. There are things I still need to work on simply because I’m a human, I’m always a work in progress. I think a great demonstration of how I’m confident is how I’ve started putting myself out on the internet and in life creatively (hence this blog).

5) I’m considerate of other people

I think of other people’s feelings and needs. When I’m in a group I’m constantly worried that people feel left out of the conversation so I try and include everyone. This is both a gift and a curse, sometimes it’s overwhelming for me. But at a healthy level, I really admire this about myself.

6) I try new things

Anxiety often causes me to be afraid to do new things, especially if it’s in front of other people, but I don’t let that stop me. I have travelled to multiple countries, done different sports and activities, eaten plenty of different foods. I’ve had so many awesome experiences just from stepping outside my comfort zone and trying things.

7) I’m good at planning ahead

I’m an avid planner (except with writing. Why? I’m lazy I guess), my journal is one of my prized possessions. I can plan all kinds of things, from an event, to a year of blog posts, to my entire day. I often leave my dorm with everything I need for the day.

I’m also constantly looking ahead in my life, planning what I have to do in the near future to get where I want to go in life. This is mostly in my writing career with figuring out timelines for projects or starting to publish a blog like I did last February.

8) I’m a go-getter

I’m an ambitious person in multiple aspects of my life. I’m quite an aggressive type A personality, coupled with anxiety I tend to always be moving. If I relax too long I start to worry about my responsibilities. Most to this blog, my writing career, and of course, school.

Although there are times when this anxiety is definitely not welcome I can never overlook the fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t motivated to work hard. I’ve had so many opportunities because I get out there and work hard and these have made my life so worthwhile.

9) I’m independent

When I moved into university a month ago I was worried. It was my first time going somewhere where I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have a backup plan. I was going to be living on my own. I was excited, who isn’t for freedom? But I still had this tiny fear that I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own.

But I’m doing fine. I love having the ability to try new things. I’m hanging out with more people, taking time for myself, finally going to a gym. I like having responsibility and making good choices.

10) I’m self-reflective

Obviously, one way I’m self-reflective is with my blog posts. I talk about how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking and share it. I talked about how writing is my own form of meditation before in my post How Writing is My Mind On Paper.

Anything too personal or that I’m not ready to share goes in my journal, or even into my fiction. Personally, I journal every night before bed, it clears my mind plus I get to look back at it later. Sometimes it really amazes me how little I actually think about what I believe and value and journaling is one way to learn more about that.

So those were ten things I love about myself. At times I felt like some of the stuff I put down had negative sides but these are things I love about myself. It was really eye-opening to think “what traits do I have that make me feel good” and to analyze them. I want to encourage all my readers to do the same. Make a list of ten, five, or even one thing you love about yourself and post it in the comments below.

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