Winter Goals and Bucket List

A new year, a new list of goals and bucket list items. As I said in my last blog post I’ve found that I’ve been expecting too much of myself lately and that has lead to me not achieve many of my goals because I’m stretched so thin. As you may be able to guess from that, I did not get all my goals done over the last three months.

I also said in my last post that I wouldn’t be limiting the amount that I expected of myself so I could get everything done. To act on that over the next three months I’m going to pick only three goals and three bucket list items. I’m also going to make my goals a little more specific because my last set of goals were a little vague. But before I get to my winter goals I’m going to do a full recap of my fall goals.


Fall Goals

I realized as I was reading over my post from October that I had already limited myself to six goals, however, I set seven. That’s not my only problem with my fall goals as they were also really vague on what success was. However, I did reach some successes over the last three months.

1) Eat breakfast every day

I ate breakfast almost every day in October and was pretty good at sticking to this goal right up until the end of November when I had about two weeks in which I only ate breakfast a few day in those weeks.

What I learned from that is eating breakfast doesn’t always make me feel better. I’m going to continue to track when I eat breakfast in my bullet journal but I’m not going to beat myself up if I miss a day or two.

2) Take care of my body

I want to call this a mostly success. I’m not going into all the details because I don’t think most of it would be interesting. However, I will say the only area I really didn’t succeed in was in exercising. I did not go to the gym for one reason or another and I want to work on that in the next few months.

3) Read five books

I was so close but so far. I got four books read and I’m almost finished a fifth but almost finished isn’t success. It’s actually funny because last time I had read four books in the same time period, and thought I could set it up a bit. But it looks like I am doomed to be a slow reader.

4) Grow blog

I’m not actually such what my goal was for this. As a result of not really having a plan, I don’t have anything to say about this.

5) Write some poetry

Again I find this goal vague because of the “some” but I can say I accomplished this. I wrote somewhere between ten and twenty poems. I like to write poetry because I find it very therapeutic so I don’t write it all the time as usually, it can be very emotional for me but I do feel better when I write it.

6) Write some stand-up

This is again vague but this time I can say I did not succeed because I completely forgot about this. I did a bit but not enough to feel like I could check this off.

7) Edit All I Need Is Sunshine

This was the real tipping point of too much. I just didn’t have the time and never actually got to do this. I put it off until I was on winter break but I still didn’t have any time to get this done. I’m going to keep working on this but I want to break it down into small tasks so I don’t completely check out because it’s overwhelming.

Fall Bucket List

1) Drink a pumpkin spice latte

I did this! On October 6th. It was sugary.

2) Go to a university sports game

I had tickets but I studied through the game. Oops.

3) Bake a pumpkin pie

I got this one done on Christmas Day. I made a vegan pumpkin pie for dessert for my entire family and it turned out really well. No one could even tell it was vegan which I count as a win.

4) Watch Hocus Pocus

I had never watched Hocus Pocus and I still haven’t. My plans fell through and I didn’t do this.

5) Drink apple cider

I had so much apple cider in fall I almost got sick of it.

Winter Goals

Now that I’ve had a chance to go over how last month went I want to move into the New Year. In keeping with my resolutions, my goals are going to have a quantitative end or a way to measure success.

1) Exercise three times a week

This is the same as one of my goals from the original set I did. Going to the gym is something I really need to work on and I have no excuses this semester because I have big blocks of time in the morning three times a week.

I know I probably won’t get this done every week so I’m starting off by saying success is going 8 out of the next 12 weeks and go from there. The end goal for this is being able to run a 5k as that’s a bucket list item for myself and I think I can do that this summer if I work at it.

2) Edit 30 pages of my novel

As I said in my recap from last month, saying I’m going to edit the whole thing is a little overwhelming but I think I can get thirty pages done in the next three months. I want to commit t more but I know I’m taking more classes next semester and I don’t what to stretch myself too thin.

3) Write a total of 15 000 words of new content

That’s 5 000 a month, something I can do. I want to keep creating new things so I have the outlet while I am still doing all my school work and taking time for my other commitments. I’m not challenging myself too much, but I’m still making sure I set some goals so I don’t get lazy.

Winter Bucket List


Like the list of goals, I want to limit this to three so I can get them all done. I’m also only putting in one thing that costs money because I’m trying to save money for school. Despite the restrictions, I’m really excited for to do these. In a way, the restrictions are good because they force me to pick the things I really want to do.

1) Build a Snowman

I really loved playing in the snow as a kid and I really miss that so I might as well put building a snowman on my list. I haven’t made one in a couple years and since it started snowing I’ve really wanted to build one. I also know if I don’t write it down I’ll put it off and not actually do it.

2) See a Play

I’ve been looking at the plays that are being put on in Fredericton and I really want to go see one. I miss going to see plays so I might as well take this opportunity to go see one.

3) Blow Bubbles on a Really Cold Day

I’ve wanted to do this for about three years. The reason is that I’ve heard if you blow bubbles in -30 degrees the bubbles will turn to ice. I’ve wanted to do this so much that I have pineapple bubbles saved for the occasion.

That’s all for my winter goals and bucket list! If you want to find out how these go for me or how the changes worked for me, follow my various social media accounts in the sidebar or subscribe!

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