7 Ways to Get More Stuff Done in 2018

The New Year is not far gone but already it can be easy to slip up and go back to old habits. Many people at the New Year make resolutions to do more stuff. Exercise more, read more books, be more creative, and the like. But there are always ways to achieve your goals and get more stuff done in 2018.

In general, there are many ways to give yourself more time to get everything on your to-do list done. I picked out seven of my favorite ways to get more done as a student and a writer. I’m trying to do more of them in 2018 so I can achieve more of my own goals.

1) Turn off your internet

The internet has so many distractions. As someone who works on their computer the majority of their time, I can personally testify to the internet distracting me from what I should be doing. So I shut off my internet on my computer so I can get things done. I write way more when I unplug and cut out the distractions.

2) Stop scrolling through your feed

As I have said in a previous post, A Letter to My Future Self, I waste a lot of time scrolling through my feed every day. By not scrolling through my feed I am able to free up more time to do productive things. That could be doing housework or working on my writing projects or school work.

Or I could even read a book. I got this idea from one of my favorite YouTubers Anna Akana who started picking up a book instead of her phone. I want to start doing that because I want to read more and be on my phone less.

3) Make a to-do list

Never underestimate the power of a good to-do list. Having a to-do list always makes me focus on whats important. I’ve used to-do lists for a long time but I’ve only started making good to-do lists in the last couple years. I have a master monthly list of things I have to do in my bullet journal and then I also have a weekly or daily list.

Making a good to-do list is not hard there are only a few steps to make an efficient to-do list

  1. Only pick a few important things to do, don’t weight it down this non-important things
  2. Put it somewhere visible. Tape it to your wall or use sticky notes.
  3. Leave it there until everything is done so it can annoy you into finishing all the things!

4) Rewards!

Keep yourself motivated to get all your important goals done by giving yourself rewards. Humans are reward based creatures so immediate rewards can be really motivating. It can even be something small like a piece of chocolate after finishing your to-do list.

Or if you have a New Years resolution and don’t want to eat a chocolate, give yourself a little free time. Watch an episode of your favorite show. Paint a picture. Go to a yoga class. Give yourself something you’re excited about.

5) Turn off notifications

Just like with the internet, notifications can be really distracting. Pop-ups and dings can distract you from the task at hand and knock you off your train of thought. Notifications also give you an excuse to procrastinate by checking your phone. So. Mute. Them.

6) Have a clean (and pretty) workspace

Keeping a clean workspace helps to be focused on the task at hand. You don’t procrastinate because you feel like you have to clean up your desk. I like to wipe down my desk before I start working, mostly to get rid of the coffee stains, but it also puts me in the headspace to work.

It also helps to make your workspace a positive place to be by adding a few decorations that make you happy and want to be in that space. Don’t overcrowd or put things on your desk that can be distracting. But adding a print of a motivational quote or a plant can help you feel less stuck when sitting at your desk.

7) Stop multitasking (focus)

Multitasking does not help your productivity. All it does is distract you from everything you are trying to do. Whenever I think of multitasking I always think of a quote from the character Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Rec, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing”.

It’s better to just focus on one task until it’s done and then move on to the next. When you multitask you usually let things slip through the cracks and there are mistakes and you have to go back and fix it. It’s better to do it once and get it right then do it twice.

I hope everyone’s resolutions are doing well. If you want to see how mine goes over the next few months and the entire years you can subscribe in the sidebar. You can also like and follow my Facebook page in the sidebar and see when and what I post.

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